Cleo - Pinball Machine 
Cleo - Pinball Machine

Release Date: Out Now

Brazilian bombshell Cleo is a London based singer-songwriter but not of the acoustic, candlelit variety. No, Cleo operates in a world of neon with all the power, energy and colour that goes along with it. Latest single 'Pinball Machine' is the musical equivalent of those T-shirts you find on holiday in foreign lands that say things like 'Happy Go Time' and 'Would You Like?' on the front. No idea what I'm on about? It wouldn't be the first time. You see, Cleo has created an itchy, punk-pop slice of fun all about not fitting in and being the "most beat up queen inside my own pinball machine". It's all kinds of disposable fun and should get any club bouncing from the walls but you'd be making a serious error if you sat down to consider the deeper meanings of this song or your foreign T-shirt purchase. Just accept it for what it is and enjoy life - Cleo certainly does, especially during the big key change towards the end. Classic pop manoeuvre.

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10th April - The Islington, London

12th April - Phoenix FM, Brentwood