Chris D'Lima - Decisions
Chris D'Lima - Decisions

Release Date: Out Now

Conundrum. London based artist Chris D'Lima has supported the likes of the Horrors and MJ Cole whilst citing bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Architecture In Helsinki and The Purple Shots as influences. However, all I hear on new single 'Decisions' is the kind of late 90s pop that the likes of 5ive, Kavanagh or Hear'say might have got been forced to dance awkwardly to on CD:UK. This is cheesy, cod-funk with a whiny guitar melody and breathy vocals that sound overly sincere. D'Lima then succumbs to the temptation to sing along to his own guitar line ('doo doo doo doo'... you get where this is going), a cardinal sin. The single is described as being a 'funk pop song about the difficulty of making decisions which seem so easy at first' and you can't deny the accuracy of this statement. However, 'extended vocal version of the opening music to a pastel coloured day time TV chat show from 1995 (on just before the lunchtime news) with minimal passion and an annoying guitar line' would, perhaps, be more honest. 

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