Blame Fable - Poolside 
Blame Fable - Poolside

Release Date: Out Now

Ah, the classic trio. Guitar, Drums and Cello......hang on. Cello? Or Synth? Scratch that, there's nothing classic here at all. London trio Blame Fable take an indie approach to music, apply their classical music training (Royal Academy of Music dontcha know) and then turn things up to epic. New single 'Poolside' is a wondrous blend of the White Stripes performing Arcade Fire songs while Best Coast and Tennis hang around in the studio, chippin in with suggestions. Soulful vocals and dark, rich Cello tones are soon joined by a simple, slow beat before the song explodes in to life as a many headed beast with perfectly coiffured hair. Elements of Lana Del Ray, the Subways and Beach House are also present but the really exciting thing about Blame Fable is just how original they sound at such a sickeningly young age. I do keep referring to them as Flame Bable though, which is unfortunate for everyone involved.

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