Acre Tarn - Dawn Faces 
Acre Tarn - Dawn Faces

Release Date: Out Now

If I told you that Acre Tarn is actually the pseudonym of Lake District resident Anna-Louisa Etherington, you would be forgiven for picturing a girl in a chunky sweater, bedraggled hair and a lot of very wistful acoustic songs. Now, I have no idea what Anna-Louisa actually looks like but her songs are actually electronic masterpieces that sweep over landscapes like a montage in the Never Ending Story. 'Dawn Faces' has the feel of a song that was written in the 80s for a film set far in the future (y'know, like 2020 or something). As electronic sounds ripple over each other, a sonic sunrise occurs and Etherington's meek but defiant voice gently breaks in. After a minute or so, an aggressive beat pushes things to a new level and then a choir of young voices sings "with our arms outstretched we're not children anymore". This could easily be this generations 'Another Brick In The Wall' or the theme to some post apocalyptic TV show like 'The 100' - either way it's thoroughly impressive and might just remind the likes of Ellie Goulding what she could be doing instead of running around in massive golden hot pants peddling half arsed pop songs. Just sayin'.

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