Torre Florim - Firestarter 
Torre Florim (De Staat) - Firestarter

This is genius. Of all the songs to choose to record a lounge cover of, the Prodigy's smash hit 'Firestarter' wouldn't necessarily be at the top of most people's lists. However, Torre Florim of Dutch band De Staat decided to have a go and it is already one of my favourite songs of 2015. The dark, murderous tones of this Vegased up version of the dance classic are so rich and luxurious that all you can do is revel in them as if having a bath in treacle. Shuffling percussion, backwards guitars, a throbbing bass line and a sexy little melody all set the scene for Florim's deep, rich voice to sing out through a veil of bitterness from a heart full of emptiness. This gives the original song an entirely different meaning and that is where the true art of the cover version really lies. As I said, genius.

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