Ranchus - Cuz Of U 
Ranchus - Cuz Of U

Release Date: Out Now

I have a big map of the world where I like to tick off the countries from which I have had music submissions and I am now pleased to say that I can put a big, green tick on the Faroe Islands. Ranchus are a quartet from the small North Atlantic island and their new single, 'Cuz Of U', is not as exotic as you might expect but instead embraces Garage and Grunge influences with mumbled lyrics and a hypnotically circular guitar riff. Elements of Nirvana at their most shufflingly apologetic mix with influences like the Stooges, Swim Deep, Presidents of the United States of America and Fungus to create a timeless piece of gurning, grinding Grunge that is hard not to love for its bare faced simplicity and catchiness.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/Ranchus?fref=ts