Neverise - Everything You've Done 
Neverise - Everything You've Done

Release Date: 23rd February 2015

Neverise are a female fronted melodic rock band from Derby with a penchant for big tunes and some electronic bleeps. They also have some fancy merchandise including branded wooden iPhone covers. New single 'Everything You've Done' is not massively imaginative on the music side with rippling drum beats and chunky guitars doing the job they were employed to do throughout the song. What makes this song stand out from the swathe of other British rock bands around at the moment is the sweet'n'sour vocals of frontwoman Jessica Matthews who has the power to slay stadiums but the subtlety to tempt each member of the crowd back to her dressing room. Not the best song I'll hear this year but one of the most impressive voices I've heard on a rock song in a while so worth a listen for that if nothing else.

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