Horse Party - Out Of Sight/Receiver (R*E*P*E*A*T Records) 
Horse Party - Out Of Sight/Receiver

Release Date: 23rd February 2015

Horse Party were one of my favourite finds of 2014 and their debut album was a thing of beauty so I'm glad they're not wasting any time in 2015 with getting a new single out. The first of the two featured tracks from the Bury St Edmunds trio is 'Out Of Sight' kicks in with a nervous, twitchy riff before the brooding vocals of Ellie Langley slide in from stage left and the confidence of the track grows by the second. Somewhere between Queens Of The Stone Age, Juliette Lewis, the Knack and Suzi Quatro is where this track lives and, frankly, it's giving me the horn. The guitars slide and glide like a well old machine with steam escaping through the cymbal crashes as the intensity grows to a gorgeous climax. 'Receiver' is t'other track and there is a punkier, darker feel to the riff from the word go and the drums only serve to push things along at a tasty lick. Seymour Quigley is an unlikely rock star name but in the same way that the Young Knives are not the kind of guys you'd expect to sweat blood onstage (even though they do, through their tweed) Seymour's voice is dripping in rock'n'roll cool. Horse Party really are an absolutely astounding band who have a talent for songwriting and layering on some serious style. Time to get behind some serious talent people, you know what to do.

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Live Dates:

27th February - Steamboat Tavern, Ipswich
27th March - The Garage, London
2nd May - Fringe Festival, Bury St Edmunds
15th May - Junction, Cambridge

13th June - Open, Norwich