Gitta De Ridder - Come Find Me EP 
Gitta De Ridder - Come Find Me

Release Date: Out Now

Dutch songstress Gitta De Ridder is back with a new EP from her London base and that is something you should be excited about. Opening track 'All My Mind' is a typical track for De Ridder with delicate guitars and sensuous strings underpinning her fragile but beautiful voice tinged with sadness and regret. 'Wished For Stars' picks the tempo up ever so slightly with some quirky, jerky percussion and acoustic notes rippling like fresh, clear water over smooth, white pebbles in the kind of idyllic stream you only find in films about middle England in medieval times. It is on the stunning 'Come Find Me' that De Ridder really finds her stride, however, as she creates a groove with hand claps, a simple riff and a tickle of bass guitar to allow her voice the space to dance around without a care in the world.

Gitta De Ridder's talent lies in creating moody, atmospheric melodies that could be dark, candlelit spaces but then lighting them up with her voice which is full of hope and quiet determination. 'One Thousand Fireflies' is a great example of this dual talent as a hypnotic riff and subtle percussion pale in to the shadows when that voice takes full flight. The closing track of this EP is 'This Is Now My Home' and if you can't identify with the wistful, almost mournful lyrical theme then you haven't lived enough. There are a whole raft of female singer-songwriters around at the moment so you have to do something special to stand out and what I like about Gitta De Ridder's approach to this challenge is that she has gone for quality and substance over style and bombast. Less, in this case, is most definitely more.

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Live Dates:

27th February - The Workshop, London
4th March - The Karamel Music Club, London

16th March - The Finsbury, London w/ Lucas & King