Faerground Accidents - She Makes Me Want To Die (Louder Than War Records)
Faerground Accidents - She Makes Me Want To Die

Release Date: Out Now

I will always have a soft spot for Sheffield, a great city that has given so much to music and gave me three wonderful, if cold, years full of cheap booze, great mates and a gig every night or so it seemed. Faerground Accidents are the latest musical export from the Steel City and, in true form, they're a quintet with indie-pop at their heart. New single 'She Makes Me Want To Die' is riddled with British indie influences from the late 80s, through Britpop and in to the eve of the millennium. Intermittently choppy and jangly guitars, a growling bass line and perky drums all mingle like awkward outsiders at a Freshers' house party watching on in awe as the vocals of Bomar Faery stride through the kitchen with just the right mix of arrogance and charm. Sure, the Pulp reference is an easy one to draw but then you can hear so many other wonderful influences in there as well, from the Cure to My Life Story, that it doesn't really matter. Thanks for making me wistful for my ill spent youth Faerground Accidents. Now go and get me some chips wi scraps and plenty of Hendo's.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/FaergroundAccidents?fref=ts

Watch The Video: http://www.faergroundaccidents.com/

Live Dates:

12th February - The Eagle, Salford w/Post
28th March - l'Aeroneuf, Lille

22nd May - Lexington, London