Bronx Cheerleader - Mad Sam Is Dead (Yummy Recordings) 
Bronx Cheerleader - Mad Sam Is Dead

Release Date: Out Now

Before we dive in to this latest single from Ontario boys Bronx Cheerleader, I want us all to take a moment to appreciate their name and the wonderful imagery that it conjures up. There are so many bland or meaningless band names around at the moment that it's a wonderfully refreshing moment when a band comes along that makes you think of a gum chewing, sass mouthed broad in an inappropriately short skirt and pigtails. Anyhoooo, on to the music. 'Mad Sam Is Dead' starts off at the far end of a Willy Wonka tunnel of psychedelic chocolate sauce (not a euphemism) before hitting a gently swaggering stride propelled by a shuffling beat and a bass line that just wants to walk the walk. As the guitars swirl around the vocals seem to emerge from a large, shadowy chair in the corner of the room tempting you in to a situation that there is surely no way back from. Bronx Cheerleader exist in that space between late night and the early morning so whether you're still up or just starting the day, they're worth checking out.

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