Alice & The Lovers - Valentine 
Alice & The Lovers - Valentine

Release Date: Valentine's Day 2015

Well this is all rather fitting. East London all girl quartet Alice & The Lovers formed on Valentine's day 2013, they're releasing their debut single on Valentine's day 2015 and that single, you guessed it, is called 'Valentine'. Just to break the cycle, I'm reviewing this two days early, cos...y'know, I'm a renegade and shit. The breathy, heartbroken vocals of Alice creep out from the shadows at the corner of the stage and in to the spotlight to sprawl luxuriously across a grand piano. So far, so sultry. As the drums kick in there is a Suzanne Vega vibe with smoky tones drifting around the air with superbly smooth vocal harmonies. This is an understatedly cool affair and has a certain class about it that is hugely appealing in a world where body parts and sexual gyrating seem to come before the music for so many female artists. Let's hope they don't wait until Valentine's day 2016 to release any more music, eh?

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27th March - Proud Galleries, Camden