Alex Gregory - Critical Perfection EP 
Alex Gregory - Critical Perfection EP

Release Date: Out Now

Through a musicians life, if she or he practices hard enough, they will develop new sounds and skills that will enhance their sound and style. You find it with drummers, guitarists, pianists and even bassists. In Alex Gregory, we have a young vocalist who is rapidly shifting through the gears of her particular instrument which, in this case, is her sumptuous voice. The five track EP opens with 'Only Time Will Tell' and from the outset you can hear the subtle but assured soulful tones in Gregory's voice as the simple acoustic riff builds in to a full blown band backing and a star emerges from the shadows to stand in the spotlight. On 'Pull Me Closer In' there is a more candlelit, intimate feel to proceedings that shows the confidence this singer has in her song writing to not have to blast you with volume or complex arrangements.

The mid-point and title track of this EP, 'Critical Perfection', is the stand out track on a superb EP as Gregory pulls on the heart strings with a sumptuous break-up song. The gently plucked guitar chords beautifully compliment our heroine's dulcet tones as she grows in confidence and power in line with the swell of the band behind her. Simply beautiful. 'Somewhere Else To Play' continues the theme of defiance with a more lively vibe infused with blues, jazz, soul and a real West Coast vibe that unleashes the sexiness that lies just under the surface of Gregory's voice. The EP closes down with 'Let You Go' and we find the singer in reflective mood as she closes another chapter and does her best to invoke an emotional response (FYI, she succeeds). Alex Gregory has a maturity about her song writing that, coupled with her sublime voice, should see her meeting with success and acclaim in 2015 so I'd get in on this now if I were you - then you can say you liked her all along when you're friends are just hearing about her on national radio. Don't say I didn't warn you...

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19th February - The Troubadour, London w/Nik Lowe + Moon + Henry Taylour