The Echo Field - Watch Your Step (100 Songs) 
The Echo Field - Watch Your Step

Release Date: 23rd January 2015

It's a Monday and already I've had a hell of a week so I need something to soothe my soul and, fortunately, my box of new musical delights has thrown up the wondrous Stockholm indie kids The Echo Field. The band's forthcoming single, 'Watch Your Step', is a utter triumph in the kind of sweet, floating indie that used to come out of Scandinavia frequently during the 90s but with a heavy influence from West Coast America in the 60s. It's a melting pot of the Magic Numbers, the Cardigans, Badly Drawn Boy, The Thrills, Elliot Smith, Jefferson Airplane and Frente all played out on bouncing guitars and youthful vocals full of passion and earnest emotion. In fact, the only beef I have with this song is that it's coming out in late January when it really ought to be released in late Spring just as the skies are turning bluer and the leaves are returning to the trees. Truly sublime stuff.