Milton Star - Sorryville/Salvation (Stereogram Recordings) 
Milton Star - Sorryville/Salvation

Release Date: 12th January 2015

In deepest, darkest Fife there is a converted church from which the strains of duo Milton Fife can oft be hear a-wafting on the dreich Scottish air. This, their debut single, would have made for an eerie sound as 'Salvation' is a hip swaggering, country inspired tune with a deeply dark underside. Think Grinderman, Edwin Collins or the Clench sound tracking Tarantino's latest film about a retired Scottish Football referee who decided to take revenge on all the players that have given him abuse over the years in the bloodiest fashion possible. In Cowboy boots. This is classy stuff with a sense of mischief and the luxurious, almost Elvis-like vocals really hit the spot. Delightfully, there's an additional track in the shape of 'Sorryville' which is somewhere between Chris Isaacs, Twin Peaks and Catherine Wheel in its darkly atmospheric tones and reverb drenched guitars. Not a party band for a sunny afternoon in the park but if you're look for bleak and moody then you know where to look. Fife.

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