Mat Hunsley - Ballroom (Demo) 
Mat Hunsley - Ballroom

North Eastern folk troubadour has emerged briefly from his winter hibernation to give us another taste of his subdued brilliance so listen up but don't make a sound lest we scare him back in to his shack. 'Ballroom' is the latest tune to be released by our understated hero and some gentle acoustic notes, eased piano chords and warmly enveloping strings all swirl together to make a gorgeous, soft bed of music to collapse in to. Hunsley's voice is so rich, smooth and comforting that you want to melt cheese on it and eat it straight out of the pan as he sings of epic heartache on a grander scale than most people could ever fathom. Simply stunning.

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29th January - The Cluny, Newcastle w/Trev Gibb