Bobgoblin - Sinistar (Motor Force Records) 
Bobgoblin - Sinistar

A quick trip to Dallas, Texas, now to catch up with punkers Bobgoblin and their new single 'Sinistar' which is out and ready to take 2015 by the balls (or general crotch area for any non-ball owners). On the one hand, this tune is relentless garage-punk with some unforgivingly chugging guitars and drumming that takes in the full kit. On the other hand, there is a saccharin sweet melody running through the middle of this giving it real pop credentials. So it's XTC meets Weezer, the Buzzcocks meets the Dandy Warhols, The Pixies meets the Beach Boys. And all in matching black outfits with strangely tight shorts. Now, tell me that doesn't sound like one hell of a Friday night?!?!

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