The Vultures - Cancer (Ciao Ketupe Recordings) 
The Vultures - Cancer

Release Date: 8th December 2014

Any band who list their influences as Serge Gainsbourg, Scott Walker, Blondie, Pixies and Bjork have got to be worth a listen, right? Well these boys have picked out this holy quintet of musical reference points like ingredients on Ready Steady Cook so let's see what they cook up. New single 'Cancer' is predictably a dramatic and sinister affair, given the influences, with a near spoken word vocal and strung out string sound that is the very essence of frayed nerves. There is an edginess, a strung-out sense of having been awake for three days straight to this tune that puts you ill at ease but that's what music is all about - challenging the senses. This isn't an easy listen or a party tune but The Vultures are pushing the edges of music to see what they can find out there and for that these guys should be applauded and encouraged. Encore.

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12th December - The Monarch, London