Sunday, 14 December 2014


Space Adept - Demos 
Space Adept - Demos

Well this is a mysterious one and then some. A couple of tracks from someone under the ambiguous name of Space Adept with no apparent agenda or plan, just a desire to make music and share it with the wider world. The first of the two on offer here is 'Vice Summer' which sounds like a spin of Playstation game but is in fact a perky little electro dance number designed to get you moving and gurning with the best of them. There is a slight sense of the Euro-cheese about this one but that's not necessarily a bad thing and once you get half way through you can just taste the cheaply made cocktails as well as smelling the heady mix of sun lotion and sweat as the synths drop down to build you all the way back up again. The second and more amusingly titled 'Would You Like To Bounce, Senorita?' has a more gentle feel to it initially before a Mediterranean melody is picked out by what sounds like the banjo sound on my first ever Casio keyboard. Neither of these tunes are floor fillers or club errupters but this is definitely moving in the right direction and you certainly wouldn't kill any party if you dropped one of these beasts in to the mix.

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