NARCS - RHS (Clue Records) 

The Clue Records roster has been pretty strong recently and Leeds boys Allusondrugs have been getting a huge amount of well deserved attention. For me, though, it is label mates and fellow Leeds chaps NARCS that are the stronger band  on the label and, perhaps, one of the best new bands coming out of the UK right now. New single 'RHS' is out now and it starts like agitated man hammering up plaster board having punched a hole in the wall during the previous evening's drunken stupor. When the sleazy guitars and rumbling bass join in the full scale of this rock behemoth is suddenly apparent so all it needs is a charismatic and melodic vocal - step up, Wilko. As rock tunes go this is a beast full of dark spirits, malevolent mischief and moments of full on, balls to the wall, bag of nails down the throat, sweating eyeballs power that fans of Rage Against The Machine and Reuben will adore. Oh, and if that weren't enough for a free download (you lucky bleeders) there's also a free B-side in the shape of 'Bridge' which is, initially, a mellower affair with pinched acoustic notes and atmospheric tones. Nevertheless, the intensity builds, the frustration grows and the agitation spills over in to an heroically epic speedball ending full of thunderous drums and the kind of guitars that only those possessed by the spirit of rock'n'roll could create. This is an immense single and the fact that it's being given away for free suggests these guys know they've got more in their locker for 2015. You heard it here first. Possibly.   

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21st February - Puzzle Hall, Sowerby Bridge