Men With Ven - The Worst Christmas Ever 
Men With Ven - The Worst Christmas Ever

So imagine Chas and Dave never gained a level of success they once enjoyed but actually only ever reached the heights of turning on the Christmas lights in Leytonstone whilst creating their own home recordings and music videos from their home studio inside one of their sheds. That's essentially where we're at with Men With Ven as they present their nightmarish, first world problem of a song 'The Worst Christmas Ever'. Essentially, this is 'Vindalloo' with a half hearted children's choir, some moaning about uncle Keith going down the pub and a video that looks like it was created on some software that came free with PC Magazine. It's meant to be a bit of Grumpy-Old-Men, tongue in cheek fun and it kind of works but, personally, I'm still a fan of Christmas so releasing a song specifically to moan about it just doesn't peak my interest or inspire me, I'm afraid.

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