Venture - This One's For You (ScreamLite Records) 
Venture - This One's For You

This is the second release I've reviewed from ska-punk Wiganers and I'm still of the conviction that, like them or not, they stand out from the crowd. 'This One's For You' is the latest single and it retains the band's undeniable ska feel but blends in a more mariachi feel with a sense of darkness behind the melodies. Then there's the male vs female vocals and the switch between light, bouncy verses and heavy, rockier choruses. Essentially this is what would happen if No Doubt and Skunk Anansie took musical direction from early Eminem and Linkin Park but all with a distinctly British accent. I wouldn't say this is my favourite track of the year, probably not even in my top 10 but the style of this band certainly stands out its own in a great sea of similar sounding acts.

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