Tibican - It Runs Deep EP 
Tibican - It Runs Deep EP

Is shoegaze making a comeback? Probably. Most things usually do at some point or another. Anyway, London mob Tibican have a slightly different take on the genre so it's less of a comeback and more of a remix. New EP 'It Runs Deep' opens up with a real sense of psychedelia and some introspective shoegaze elements that make 'When You Love Your Love' such a joy to just dive in to and roll around naked inside. No? Just me then. 'Children Of The Night' has a filthy, grinding bass line that lurches and lunges in to the room before releasing a barrage of guitars directly at your head and slowly letting the song unfold before your eyes, ears and imagination.

There is a delicious darkness to the music of Tibican that is impossible to ignore and futile to resist as the atmospheres they create paint new pictures all around you in vivid shades of black and gold. 'Gone' is up next and for an easy frame of reference then look no further than Kasabian having a stab at what the Doors might sound like if they had been frozen, only to be defrosted in the year 2015 (i.e. not that far in to the future). The EP finishes up, like a salty sea dog, with 'Get Your Cards Out', a song that surges forward relentlessly as the malevolently whispered vocals seethe at you from the shadows. I love this EP way more than I thought I would (largely because I thought Tibican sounded like the sort of name an awful dance act would give themselves) so I strongly suggest you give this a go. Or else....

More information: https://www.facebook.com/tibican