The Reveurs - Control 
The Reveurs - Control

Release Date: 18th November 2014

Right from the get-go there's a euphoric, defiant feel to this Mancunian bands music that peaks your interest in a way the Killers or Foo Fighters manage with unnerving regularity. The new single 'Control' is a pile driver of a tune that doesn't let up for a second as the guitars snake through the air and the drums push ever onwards. That said, there is something of the cheesy about this that sits somewhere between Nickleback and those nu-metal bands that went a bit bland like Papa Roach or Linkin Park. A saving grace is that this single has a B-side in 'Saint Marie' which opens with a nice, popping bass line but is then joined by the sort of guitars that you would expect from a teenage metal band trying to impress the local emo girls. There are huge US influences at here which is fine but somehow this just doesn't sound believable with the Yankunian accent effected atop the music. Close but no cigar, as they say.

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Live Dates:

26th November - The Green Room, Sheffield
4th December - Lennons Bar, Liverpool
5th December - Abacus Bar, Scunthorpe w/ Monday Club + SSS + Native Braves
6th December - Carpe Diem, Leeds
10th December - West Street Live, Sheffield

13th December - Pop Up Festival, Sale