The Art Of Amputation - Distorted Pop Song (Ruby Music) 
The Art Of Amputation - Distorted Pop Song

Release Date: 17th November 2014

London quintet The Art Of Amputation have arrived with a new single with the wonderful title 'Distorted Pop Song' which makes them arch namers of bands and songs. The song itself is a swirling, grimacing, visually distorted piece of alt-pop that is the love child of Wayne Coyne and Matt Bellamy with David Bowie on production duties and David Lynch lurking in the corner of the bedroom-cum-studio. The juxtaposition between the gorgeous pop melodies  and the twisted instrumentation is utterly gorgeous and something  most bands are too afraid to try so these guys get extra credit for bravery.

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15th November - Upstairs @ The Garage, London w/ The Limited + Island Of Sirens