Detour City - I Will (Polydor) 
Detour City - I Will

There are so many things to love about this song and the artist behind that I don't really know where to start. 'I Will' is the latest release from Dalston producer Detour City (aka Tabith Benjamin) who blends together the soulful vocals of Mary At Midnight and the dramatic melodies of Florence + The Machine to create a dark, brooding, sumptuous electro-tapestry that is right up there with anything appearing on a Now compilation these days. There is a gritty determination behind the tune but mixed with an otherworldly detachment that feels like having an out-of-body experience during a pub brawl fuelled by expensive imported lager. I think Detour City is already on the way to big things but, like a passing marathon runner, I'd like to pat her on the back as she jogs past.

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