Dedwardians - Love Sick 
Dedwardians - Love Sick

Release Date: 24th November 2014

So, it would seem rock'n'roll is alive and kicking, somewhere in deepest, darkest London. Dedwardians, aside from having an awesome name, have got a gorgeous sound too but then what else did you expect? 'Love Sick' kicks in like a snake hipped, leather clad sleaze ball all Boss Hogg sexual aggression and Jim Jones Review sneer. The drums pound and the sounds wrung out of the guitar are a fine line between pleasure and pain but it's the spit spattered, whisky breathed vocals that really put the cherry on this cake. If you want to have a really fun night out then go see them live and make sure you get right down the front so you can get drenched in various bodily fluids.

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21st November - The Alley Cat, London