C Duncan - For (Fat Cat) 
C Duncan - For

Release Date: 24th November 2014

This is the kind of artist that gives you faith in the music 'industry' still existing for the power of good rather than evil or just money. You see, C Duncan (Chris to his mates) submitted a couple of tracks to the Fat Cat demo submission page (see below if you're that way inclined) and the label liked him so much they are now releasing that Glaswegian's debut single. A real happy ending, then, as long as the music is any good. 'For' is the single in question and, thankfully, it is rather lovely. The looped acoustic guitar riff and soft, processed beats provide a beautiful bed for Duncan's voice to recline upon with the laziness of a warm summer's evening. For fans of Jim Noir, Badly Drawn Boy, David Kitt and Ben's Symphonic Orchestra this will be a real treat. For everyone else it will be an eye opener. For me, it's just sublime.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/mrchrisduncan?fref=ts

Fat Cat Demo Submission: http://demo.fat-cat.co.uk/