Big Lonely - Dirty Clocks 
Big Lonely - Dirty Clocks

Sigh, another band from London. Oh wait, London Ontario? Ontario Canada? Well that's a different kettle of fish altogether. Quartet Big Lonely have a new single out and it took me a few glances to realise that it was called 'Dirty Clocks' rather than a song related to the large, filthy members of anti-social gents. The song itself is a laid back indie shuffle with influences in equal parts from the sunny West Coast of the USA and Scottish indie of the 90s. Jangling, lightly strummed guitars intermingle with Vampire Weekend style vocals of a gently slurred words that occasionally break in to a mildly annoyed scream. The accompanying video features that most Canadian of all activities, table top ice hockey, and a bunch of grungy looking music fans which just sets this off perfectly. A gorgeous piece of slacker indie, then, but with a polished edge that gives this a more appealing sheen.

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5th December - London Music Hall, London, Canada