Armistice Pals - Where Have All The Flowers Gone? 
The Armistice Pals - Where Have All The Flowers Gone? 

Release Date: 9th November 2014

I grew up in a happy household surrounded by two things: history and music. For some reason, I shunned history and embraced music but as I got older I started to understand the importance of history and how it links with music at all times: particularly those times that are politically important. So I am delighted that the classic anti-war song, 'Where Have All The Flowers Gone?', has been reworked by a collection of folk artists to mark the 100th year since the First World War. This version features the talents of many including Attila The Stockbroker, Judy Dyble, Lucy Ward, Kelly Oliver and the original Peggy and Pete Seeger themselves. If you don't already know the song then this is as good a time to get involved as any - the emotion is still there and lumps in the throat are bountiful throughout. This recording is in support of a number of deserving charities to get on over to the website and give it your full support.

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