Whinnie Williams - Bad Girl EP 
Whinnie Williams - Bad Girl

Finally we have a Whinnie that isn't all about the honey. London lady Whinnie Williams has been sniffing around the fringes of the pop scene for a while, writing songs for established artists, touring with others and collaborating on albums to boot. However, it's time for her to step out of the shadows and risk it all on her own abilities in the harsh light of day. This new EP from Williams starts with 'Don't You Love Me', a song that takes the sass of Lilly Allen and Kate Nash but adds a hint of Parisian 70s class and some beautifully floaty flute melodies for a classically understated entrance to the party. 'Break Hearts In Your Sleep' has a nice vinyl crackle followed by some Phil Spector production on a Motown sound with that English style running through the core.

Williams has a sense of high class about her tunes that are the equivalent of the rules of fashion - i.e. cleavage or leg, never both, and black works on every occasion. 'Oopsy Daisy' could be an Eliza Doolittle track but the middle eight just gives it that more mature edge like Sugababes at their prime. The EP closes with 'Stupid Things' and the smoky, soulful vocal atop the scratchy, lonely guitar just makes for a delicious combination that shows off Whinnie's aspirations for something more than a fleeting pop career and a footballer husband to give her improbably names children. Keep an eye on this one, she might just be on to something big....

More information: https://www.facebook.com/WhinnieWilliams?fref=ts