The Creatures Of The North Sea - Frist Poems 
The Creatures Of The North - Frist Poems

Release Date: 27th October 2014

OK, I've triple checked this. 'Frist Poems' is not a typo. If it is then it's a consistent typo so either way I'm going to stick with it. The Creatures Of The North Sea are a duo of dudes (a dudo, if you will) making music for low lit rooms and smoky atmospheres or campfires with your nearest and dearest all around. 'Races' opens affairs and sounds like I Am Kloot or Damien Rice in its muted enthusiasm but there is a complex simplicity to the structure of the song that elevates it above mere singer-songwriter fodder.  On 'Despite The Sea Between Us' the heart-rending emotiveness is cranked up a notch or two as the acoustic guitar plucking rolls gently, softly in the background and the gravelly, distant vocals pour directly from the heart like an open wound.

Half way through listening to this EP I noticed that the cover art appears to show a watercolour and charcoal sketch of a puffin's skull and still colourful beak. I could be wrong but if I'm right then this is the perfect image to sum up the music of The Creatures Of The North Sea - one of the most beautiful beings to ever grace the earth in its saddest state mirrors the heart achingly beautiful depths  this music reaches superbly. There's no change of direction on 'I Am Forest' although a little more lively percussion is added along with some muted organ chords to fill out the folk-indie vibe. The EP closes with 'Really Tall Buildings' which has something of an Irish influence with the likes of Rice, David Kitt and even a little Shane McGowan seeping through in the bar room vocals and gently caressed guitar strings. This is simply beautiful music in every sense and I urge you to download the EP, set a chair by the window and listen to this on the day that Autumn gives way to Winter.

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9th November - EP Launch @ The Old Queen's Head, Islington (FREE ENTRY)