The Cornelius Crane - Soul In The Lighting (Stereokill Recordings) 
The Cornelius Crane - Soul In The Lightning

Release Date: 27th October 2014

Every time I read the word Stalybridge I immediately think Stalybridge Celtic which suggests I spent too much time watching the vidiprinter as a child. However, I now have another reference point for Stalybridge in the shape of the fabulous alt-Americana combo The Cornelius Crane. This three track EP from the troupe opens with the title track 'Soul In The Lightning', a laid back piece of sunny afternoon loveliness with some of the twangiest guitar notes I've heard in a long time and, for some reason, the spirit of Joe Strummer running through Beck-ish percussion. 'View From Victoria' is either a song about getting a piggy back from a tall girl or, more likely, something to do with arriving at Manchester's Victoria train station. Either way, the bluesy finger picking has a pleasing menace to it and the vocal wafts in on a breeze straight from the Bayou. The third and final track on the EP is 'Another Day' which ambles and sways through the early afternoon sun like a Lynyrd Skynyrd song drifting out of a convertible on the way to the liquor store. The Cornelius Crane have a beautiful sunny sound running through their music that is futile to resist so just let it wash over you and enjoy the warm glow.

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