Sirens In The Delta - Revolutions To Follow EP 
Sirens In The Delta - Revolutions To Follow EP

Release Date: 27th October 2014

Right then, who the hell is ready for a bit of dirty rock'n'roll from the North-East? Well, ready or not, here they come. Sirens In The Delta are a female fronted, rock quintet from Teesside and this is their latest EP which gets underway with the superbly hypnotic riffs of 'Dirty Words' that is as strong a start to a record as I've heard in a long time. Pounding snare, soulful rock vocals and a Queens Of The Stone Age style bass line all make for an extremely promising start that make you sit up and pay attention. 'Paris' is the single taken from the EP and you can see why as the motorcycle grease and leather seeps from every pore as the vocals of frontwoman Katie snake and wind around you like smoke in the night-time. On 'Casus Belli' the guitars take on a more traditional form with a Black Sabbath vibe given a Yeah Yeah Yeahs twist as an ominously regular snare pierces the relentless chugging of those huge guitars.

There is a huge gap in the UK market for a band like this and luckily Sirens In The Delta have an epic enough sound to fill it with enough left over to have a stab at the US as well. The next track, 'Halo', shows off the band's versatility as they employ a jerky, indie-punk riff and those vocals open up to really soar with supreme power in the choruses. 'The Attack' is the rock ballad of the piece and despite the grinding bass and stabbing drums it never quite breaks stride which is a difficult discipline to master. The EP closes out with 'Weapon' which is the most snarling, lip curling, spit in your eye and grab you by the crotch track on the collection as the tempo changes at the flick of a wrist and the attacks keep on coming. Sirens In The Delta have a future and a big one at that, I just wish they could have recorded another four tracks to make this in to a tight little album.

More information:

25th October - EP Release Party @ Sticky Fingers, Middlesbrough

4th December - The Empire, Middlesbrough w/ Magnum