PHOENIX [Fabricio Pecanha Remix] - SINGLE REVIEW

Phoenix - Love Like A Sunset [Fabricio Pecanha Bootleg] 
Fabricio Pecanha at work

So, this is more a review of the remix than the tune being remixed. Fabricio Pecanha is a Brazilian DJ with an excellent reputation that is growing all the time so I wanted to bring this tune to your attention, although it's a remix of French indie stars Phoenix. Pecanha's version of 'Love Like A Sunset' is a slow building, seven minute opus that grows and weaves in to your psyche to move your leg up and down without you even knowing it. There are elements of early Daft Punk and Lemon Jelly to this as well as a beautifully throbbing bass line punctured only by the click of a disco beat. Perfect vibes for a sunrise after a long night or the sunset at the beginning of the best night out of your life.

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Live Dates:

17th October - Hot Club, Marilia
18th October - Viva La Vida, Presidente Prudente
24th October - 1051 Club, Criciuma
25th October - Ministterio da Musica, Cascavel
26th October - Domum, Sao Jose
31st October - Fabrik, Rio Grande
7th November - Noxx House Music, Mafra
8th November - Matahari, Indaial
14th November - Club Vogue, Umuarama
20th November - Paradise Weekend, Mata De Sao Joao
22nd November - Bier Site, Carazinho
29th November - Clube Hipico, Maringa
5th December - Level Lounge Club, Santa Cruz Do Sul
12th December - All Night Pub, Manaus
13th December - Pvt, Manaus
20th December - White Celebration, Salvador
26th December - Pink Elephant, Fortaleza
30th December - Sky Beach Club, Balneario De Camboriu
2nd January - Music Stage Summer, Guarapari
31st January - Sonne Garten, Sao Bento Do Sul
7th February - Ministterio da Musica, Cascavel

15th February - Sky Beach Club, Camboriu