Pantaloon Descendo - The Candyman (The Mustache Club) 
Pantaloon Descendo - The Candyman

Release Date: 31st October 2014

On first viewing, I thought this was some Wayne Coyne inspired, nightmarish vision of a man-panda (manda) would look eating a giant lollipop. Then I realised that this was a Halloween release date and it was probably more likely to be a skeleton. Still with a giant lollipop though. 'The Candyman' is the new single from Quebecois singer Pantaloon Descendo and it's a Mighty Boosh inspired piece of folk-pop as performed by the illegitimate off spring of the Child Catcher and Mary Poppins . Despite the happy, innocent melody there is a feeling of a public announcement about the dangers of strangers, obesity or playing on train tracks. There's no denying that this is a frog short of the full box but at the same time it's delightfully eccentric and well worth a listen so, y'know, give it a listen.

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