Memory Maze - Depth Of Field (Infinite Jest Records) 
Memory Maze - Depth Of Field

Release Date: 13th October  2014

This is the second single I've come across from London based producer Gavin Ellis, aka Memory Maze, and I remain wholeheartedly impressed by what he's able to produce. 'Depth Of Field' is a superbly baggy, rolling piece of indie with the heart of a club anthem which makes it an altogether adorable tune. The New Order guitars, rolling drums and heavily produced vocals take me back to the 90s at its best. There is also a Moby meets Chemical Brothers vibe if that tune was produced by the Flaming Lips. It's the understated beauty of Memory Maze's music that makes this such a success as it brings together myriad influences and blends them together so sweetly like a musical Michelin starred chef.

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