Esper Scout - Belay/Carpet Of A Crest (Bomb The Twist) 
Esper Scout - Belay/Carpet Of A Crest

Release Date: 6th October 2014

Leeds ladies Esper Scout are back with a new double A-0side single and I really want to like this more than the last one I reviewed from the quartet. The first of the two a-sides, 'Belay', starts promisingly like a grunge-pop behemoth  with grinding guitars, thudding drums and a serious wail that cuts through the darkness and danger of the music like the Bat signal over Gotham City. 'Carpet Of A Crest' is the other half of these single release and the menacing edge is still there but there is more of an indie feel along the lines of Echobelly, Lush or My Vitriol and although the vocals retain the bite then lack some of the smoothness and clarity of the first track. The single goes further towards realising the promise that Esper Scout have always displayed, a long way further, but there is still some way to go before they are at the peak of their game. They can make it though, I'm sure of that.

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Live Dates:

11th October - Santiago's, Leeds (MS Fundraiser)

23rd October - Caroline Street Social Club, Shipley w/Invisible Cities + Unwave