Echotape - Whiskey Bar (Believe Digital / Amalgamated Sonic Industries) 
Echotape - Whiskey Bar

Release Date: 13th October 2014

Andover Quartet Echotape have a new single for your pleasure and the title, at least, is inspired by rock royalty. 'Whiskey Bar' starts with a furious pace feeling like the Libertines mixed with Razorlight and the View. Scratchy, poppy guitars bounce all over the place like good natured drunks in a nightclub while the drums fire off like a machine gun with a sense of rhythm. This is fun, upbeat indie-pop with a gang mentality and a real sense of freedom that is infectious. So much music these days is introspective and bleak, which is no bad thing, but sometimes you need to balance all that negativity with some unabashed, unapologetic and unrestricted fun. Echotape provide that much needed positivity and energy in spades so come get some.

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Live Dates:

10th October - Single Release Party @ The Barfly, London
16th October - Lennons, Southampton
17th October - The Old Ale House, Salisbury
18th October - Pav Tav, Brighton (4.00pm)

18th October - Bar Forty-Two, Worthing