Dirty Dishes - Thank You Come Again 
Dirty Dishes - Thank You Come Again

Dirty Dishes seems to be a particularly mundane name for a duo coming straight out of Los Angeles with Boston roots. Names don't mean a thing, though, and based on that theory I'm assuming 'Thank You Come Again' isn't an ode to the Kwik-E-Mart of Springfield. What it is, in fact, is a raunchy, sneering, snarling song following in the wake of Veruca Salt, Sleigh Bells and Hole with smeared lipstick and mascara panda eyes.  Jenny and Alex wring every last note and beat out of their instruments and play off each other with such scuzzy energy that I suddenly think I understand the band name - Dirty as in sexy and Dishes as in a pair of handsome types. Maybe. Either way, these guys wail, as Wayne Campbell would say, I can't wait to hear more. Soon please.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/thedirtydishes

Listen Here: http://dirtydishes.bandcamp.com/

Live Dates:

16th October - JP House Show, Boston w/Soft Fangs + Strange Mangers
17th October - Poland St. Haus, Portland w/Kefka + Perfect Hair
19th October - Brad's Basement, Providence w/14 Foot 1
21st October - The Beehive, Washington w/Two Inch Astronaut
22nd October - Rexedoghaus in Fishtown, Philadelphia
23rd October - Court Tavern, New Brunswick w/Ford Han
24th October - CMJ Showcase @ Trash Bar EIS, Brooklyn

27th October - Hanging Horse, Norwood