Dark County - Watching Them Burn (Gunner Records) 
Dark County - Watching Them Burn

I do like the name of this band but in typing this review out I've already managed to misname them Dark Country and Dark Cunty. Neither of which are right. The London trio, however, are right. Oh so right. This debut track, 'Watching Them Burn', is a scuzzy, dirty, filthy whore of a tune that starts with a circular riff from the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or the Jesus & Mary Chain back catalogue. The Glam-Rock vocals and the pounding drums complete the picture and before you know it you're down the front with the singer's sweat spraying over you and the smell of leather mingling with the stench of three day old booze on his breath. This is rock'n'roll in its purest, most distilled form and I want another swig.

More information: http://www.darkcounty.com/