Cat Dove - Vagabond Girl (Deux-Elles Recordings) 
Cat Dove - Vagabond Girl

Reading singer-songwriter Cat Dove just broke my heart. Straight up. Don't get me wrong, it's not like she dumped me or turned down my marriage proposal, Cat Dove just happens to have a beautiful voice and a gentle approach to musicianship. This new single is being given away and my word you ought to be grateful. 'Vagaband Girl' is built around a gentle but beautiful piano melody that builds slowly but surely like the swell of emotion when you say goodbye to a long distance lover at a train station or airport, knowing full well you won't see them again for weeks. There's a weird Joni-Mitchell-in-the-90s feel to this song that I just can't resist and Dove's voice has the perfect combination of tenderness, power and emotional crackle displayed by Tori Amos or Ani Di Franco. Seeing as this is free and beautiful then I can't think of one reason why you shouldn't get some of this.

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