Boston Manor - Driftwood EP (Failure By Design Records) 
Boston Manor - Driftwood EP 

There aren't enough pictures of pensioners painted up as animals in the world right now so I can only applaud Blackpool boys Boston Manor for the delightful artwork on their new EP. 'But what about the music Monger?' I hear you ask. I'm getting to that, have patience my pretties. This six track opens up with the short, sharp hit of 'Salt Water' which immediately reminds me of a time in my life when I was fully ensconced in discovering bands like the Ataris, the Vandals, Engine 88 and the Wrens - a good time indeed. 'Peach State' is up next and the rapid fire drums along with the slick guitar riffs will appeal to Blink 182 fans but there is a harder edge that anyone keen on the Xtra Mile Records back catalogue will surely love. EP title track 'Driftwood' is not a cover of the Travis sob-fest but is an Ataris-esque punk'n'roll tune featuring a well chosen Ferris Bueller quote to set the tone.

There are so many comparisons to make in this music, from Million Dead to NOFX, but it is the oh so British hardcore twist that makes these guys such an exciting prospect. 'Wolf' is as close to a ballad as these guys will ever get as the heartfelt lyrics are wrenched out via the microphone while 'See You In Three Years' is a break-neck anti-University tune that holds no punches. The EP comes to a climax with 'Square One' which is probably the most Americanized of the tunes in this collection as those smooth guitars slide in and out of view and you can almost see the credits of a coming of age teen comedy rolling up on the screen (I'm thinking American Pie but with less sex and more bongs). My CD collection is full of albums by bands like Boston Manor that I used to love and it turns out I still do so I might just have to make this a new addition to the collection. Awesome stuff.

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