Banoffee - Let's Go To The Beach 
Banoffee - Let's Go To The Beach

I've always had a problem with Banoffee Pie as a rule. I like bananas and a like toffee but why the need to dress banana and toffee pie up as something different. Do we call beans on toast Boast? No. Are we prone to calling a cheese sandwich a chandwich? No way. Or do we refer to pasta salad as palad? Certainly not. This feeling extends to the naming of this Aussie songstress whose real name is Martha Brown - a name that surely is destined for the rock'n'roll hall of fame. No matter, Banoffee's latest single is upon us in the form of 'Let's Go To The Beach' and it a sexy, impish and skittish number that grabs your attention immediately like reflected sunlight dancing on a desk during a dull afternoon. The popping percussion mixes with the sampled vocals to create a textured landscape for Brown to explore with her poppy vocals. This is a summery tune which probably makes sense in her native Melbourne at this time of year but as I sit writing this staring at a grey English Autumn it just makes me nostalgic for warmer times. Still, this is sweet, sugary stuff which will surely give people an energy burst so maybe Banoffee wasn't a bad name choice after all.

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24th October - Mondrian Soho Hotel, New York @ 7.00pm

24th October - The Knitting Factory/Green Room, New York @9.00pm