Bam Spacey - Upplyst (Luxury/Ceremony) 
Bam Spacey - Upplyst

Release Date: 14th October 2014

I'm guessing Magnus Johansson is a pretty common name in Sweden so it's no surprise that the Malmo based producer opted for the more unique moniker Bam Spacey. This single from the forthcoming album goes under the name 'Upplyst' and is a fine piece of downbeat electro music  with that distinct Scandinavian flavour that the likes of Sigur Ros or Royksopp. The secret to this tune is the build that is slow, steady and very definitely in three stages. Stage 1 is the atmospheric, moody setting of the scene as the sun sets. Stage 2 is the euphoric beat drop and throbbing bass that gets you all going and in the party mood. The third and final stage is the merging of these two elements and a spin that that makes you feel like you're travelling backwards through the song and enjoying all the elements once again. Good things always come in threes, my mum always said, so that means this is a good thing indeed.

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