Arts & Leisure - Weekend/Over You (Test Pattern/Superior Sound Recordings)
Arts & Leisure - Weekend / Over You

Release Date: 28th October 2014

There is just something about the hushed, almost shy vocals and shuffling guitars of bands like Arts & Leisure that I will always love. Perhaps it's the way songs like 'Weekend' make me think of my carefree days listening 90s bands like Belly in the summer sun. Maybe it's the infectious hand claps and saccharine sweet vocal harmonies that wind around the poppy guitar strumming that could lift even the lowest of spirits. Who knows, I just love it. 'Over You' is the other track on this new single release and the bouncy garage pop is something to behold as you close your eyes to imagine cycling round a suburban American street at four in the afternoon to hear the local kids practicing in their garages and basements. I really, genuinely hope these guys achieve at least some kind of cult status around the world if not some sort of superstardom based on a crossover hit. Y'know, like Lush had with 'Single Girl'.

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