Saturday, 27 September 2014


Zena Kitt - Requiem 
Zena Kitt - Requiem

First of all, this is a fantastic name. A name that is meant to belong to a pop star. Other than that, I don't know an awful lot about Zena Kitt so we'll just have to let the music do the talking. New single 'Requiem' starts with a confusing mix of bird noises, a throbbing bass line and the muffled sound of someone leaving a painful message on an answer machine. Then the harp ripples, pounding rhythms and lazer synths kick in under a voice that is somewhere between Lorde and Florence Welch. There is a dark, treacly sexuality to this song that is simultaneously enticing and distancing which is a fine line to hit but if you get it right then you've got something pretty special. So, special sound and the perfect pop star name. Big things people, big things.

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