Velvet Morning - Green Whale (RIP Records) 
Velvet Morning - Green Whale

OK, I like this song and the band's psyched out, mellow noodlings are perfect for a Saturday night chill out. The video is pretty trippy and the guitars jingle and mingle around in the air above my head like thick, sweet smoke. The only problem is that for all the cool overtones - and they are cool, super cool - there's something about 'Green Whale' that really reminds me of Neil the Hippy from the Young Ones singing 'Hole In My Shoe'. Now don't get me wrong, I love that song, but when a song starts to sound like a pastiche of the genre it is trying to exist within then world has gone a little bit wonky. Maybe that's the point, a post modern take on the psyche genre in the digital age. Maybe I'm over thinking it. Either way, I can thoroughly recommend that you bang this tune on and let it wash over you.

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28th September - The Railway Hotel, Southend-On-Sea w/Holy Wave + Christian Bland & The Revelators
11th October - Kraak, Manchester w/Tomorrow's Tulips

31st October - The Castle, Manchester w/Theo Verney