The Slow Readers Club - Don't Mind 
The Slow Readers Club - Don't Mind

Release Date: 15th September 2014

Being a little slow in the reading department myself I was delighted to discover that there was a club for people of my persuasion. I was then slightly disappointed, once I got to the second sentence, to find that this is just the name of a quartet of Manchester based electro-indie boys. 'Don't Mind' is their latest single and it reminds me beautifully of the hugely underrated Contact Mo in its grandiose stylings. The delicate guitars and subdue vocals intermingle superbly and the melodies build slowly but surely to the kind of climax that is satisfying without being electrifying. This is music for the small hours of the morning when the city lights are illuminating the sky at the street lie empty. Sublime stuff.

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20th September - Single Launch @ Night & Day Cafe, Manchester w/ The Reveurs + Hey Sholay + Morning Pilgrims