The Persian Leaps - Drive Drive Delay EP (Land Ski Records) 
The Persian Leaps - Drive Drive Delay EP

Release Date: 12th September 2014

If nothing else you have to love the vibrancy and energy of the cover art for this EP. If I see one more moody picture of a tree in mist or black and white picture of a band doing their best homeless impression I might have to punch myself in the eyes. With hedgehogs strapped to my fists. In a joyous twist of serendipity, the music on this EP also has an infectious energy from the off with opening track 'Fire Starter' being a sunshine infused blend of Feeder, the Killers and early REM. 'Pretty Boy' has a similar energy but more of an Oasis vibe as the guitars come at you like a wall of sound with a sneering, couldn't-care-less attitude.

On '(Goodbye To) South Carolina' we find the band in 80s indie mode as they channel the likes of the Waterboys and Echo & The Bunnymen with jangling guitars and driving, relentless drums. I can only imagine a live show by these guys to be an intense but uplifting experience as there is no let up in the energy and by track four, 'Truth = Consequences', the drums are getting bigger, the guitars more wrought and the vocals more swaggering. The EP winds up with the epic 'Permission' which has a Simple Minds or 'Unforgettable Fire' era U2 feel to it as well as an uncontrollable urge to watch men with questionable hair and trench coats perform atop a rocky outcrop in a sparse, dramatic landscape. This is a pretty addictive indie-pop EP that really ought to get some serious attention so I hope it does. It's down to you guys now....

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Live Dates:

12th September - 331 Club, Minneapolis

10th October - Hexagon Bar, Minneapolis